What We Do?
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iTechCareer RD - Recruitment Division of http://iTechCareer.com

Our services:

1. Recruiting IT (Onsite and Remote Positions)

Search and selection of personnel for the IT environment, with an extensive experience in  multiplicity and variety of technical profiles. We use multiple tools, including our Employment Web (http://itechcareer.com) with more than 150,000 Resume (Systems and Telecommunications profiles), and we add a web 2.0 (Groups in Social Networks such as Linkedin and Facebook) to select and evaluate new candidates.

The Recruiting service is focused on the search, recruitment, selection, interviews and presentation to the client of the candidates with specifics IT profiles for Technical, Professional and Executive levels in Information Technologies.

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IT Professionals Working Remotely from Latin America.

We are experts in recruiting remote IT talent in Latin America. Why choose us? Because we have more than 10 years of experience in the IT Market: We specialize in Recruiting IT and Executive Search IT, with a database of more than 100,000 professionals.

Hiring one excellent remote worker is great. As you open the doors of your company to applicants all over the world, you will be able to have a workflow to scale up and hire more as your company grows

But, What things are key when hiring candidates to work remotely?

1- Define the position clearly

Highlight the responsibilities, what is defined as success in that role and what qualities the candidate needs to possess in order to thrive

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We currently work for more than 20 companies, our clients are mainly from USA. Germany, England, Spain, Italy, among others. We present candidates from Latin America with EU nationality or US Visa (mainly) and with a strong interest to work and develop professionally in some of the aforementioned countries (or for remote work from Latin America).

IT areas where we have a database of candidates:

 Software development area: Developers (.Net, Java, O or C ++, IOS, REACT, Angular, Python, C #, Node, ASP, SQL, PHP, Android, PL / SQL, etc.). In addition, Functional Analysts, Architects, Project Leaders, Development Manager, Product owner, among others.

 Administrators of Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, etc.) Supervisor and Head of Infrastructure. Cloud Admin, Devops, Apps server admin. Linux Developers.

 Admin. Networks (Lan, Wan, etc.) and IT Security SecOPs - Security Specialist, CISO Chief Security Officer, among others.

 Database: DBA

 IT Methodology: PM, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, BPM Developer

 Profiles QA Traditional and Automation

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Outsourcing of IT Recruitment and Selection

For a fixed annual cost, we take care of the entire Recruitment and Selection process. This implies from the survey and definition of the required profile to collaboration and advice in hiring.

Focusing on IT and Telecommunications profiles. You will have a solid team committed to recruiting Talents.

With an effective working method and a very broad knowledge of all kinds of positions in the IT environment. It guarantees a personalized service and the maximum adaptation possible to the problems of each client, integrating the global vision of the company to the selection of personnel (suitability of the candidate / position / company and company values).

To tell you a little about us, iTechCareer-RD is an HR Consultant specialized in Personnel Selection for Technology Profiles. Made up of a group of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

We use multiple tools, including our Employment Website (http://iTechCareer.com) with  150,000 Resume from Systems and Telco, which we add our presence on web 2.0 (Social Networks such as Linkedin and Facebook) to select and evaluate candidates.

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The objective is to attract, develop and train young people with high potential to assume strategic positions in the medium term.

Several companies entrusted us with their selection processes for both Young Professionals and the annual Internship Selection process.

We work with the best and most up-to-date human resources practices, aimed at ensuring that people become the company's competitive advantage.

These programs represent an important gateway to a professional career within an organization and an investment in people's development.

We design and coordinate, in its entirety, the process, starting from: defining the profile of the candidates and carrying out the stages of recruitment, selection, Assessment Center, psychotechnical evaluations and coordination of final interviews with the line.

Both processes generate a high benefit for the organization: They are a seedbed of talents (replacement cadres) and allow the training of new professionals based on the culture and values of the company.

"IT Talent is iTechCareer.com - Detecting, Selecting and Attracting IT Talents is what we propose to you".

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Remuneration Survey

We carry out a study of Wages of the general IT Market every six months, we survey more than 50 positions that range from managerial levels to Analysts, in more than 100 leading companies of different areas at a regional level such as: Retail, Entertainment, Mass Consumption, Services, Banks, Insurance, Hospitality, Light Industry, Textile, Food, Urban Hygiene, Laboratories, Media, Security, Transport and Logistics and Telecommunications. At the same time we carry out salary surveys on Demand

Custom positions report

It allows companies that request it to be compared with others with similar characteristics. It will cover remuneration, compensation and benefits, with the aim of providing necessary and relevant data and information on the total salary composition, updated and in force in the Argentine and / or Regional market and compared against organizations with similar characteristics in order to obtain consistent data.

Advantages of the salary survey

This tool allows:

• Know the salary position of each charge of the Company regarding to the regional and / or local market.

• Achieve a greater efficiency in the allocation of company salaries.

• Retain Talents and people who occupy Key Positions.

• To know, when hiring a person, what is the appropriate salary level for the charge.


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